Take Control of Your Storyline, and Let's Kick Some Ass - IRL.

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Introducing a new approach to personal growth, with a digital self-development toolkit that combines reality with popular role-playing game mechanics, so you can level up to the max. 

Take Control of Your Storyline

Pursue and Conquer Main Quests

Level Up Your Productivity & Skills

Every day, Adventurers fall victim to the challenges of Life...

  • Defeated again & again by monsters of self-doubt and fear
  • Overwhelmed by a never-ending list of fetch quests
  • Unmotivated from a lack of calling or higher purpose

Slowly and surely, these people go from being the main protagonists of their story line to simply just a supporting character for someone else's. 

It's time we change that.

Embark on an adventure unlike any other & get ready to discover the truth behind the world's most popular role-playing game...


Picture a man facing a mirror, seeing a hero within him
The complete adventurer's toolkit - an epic item

Introducing your new secret weapon to conquer the challenges of Life

The Adventurer's Toolkit is a 57-page digital PDF, with a collection of personal growth & productivity templates that combine real-world strategies with popular role-playing mechanics.

Unlock resources that'll give you an unfair advantage in leveling up in real life, along with getting access to an exclusive community platform. And in the meantime, discover how to change your perception of life altogether!

Forget the "to-dos," the "work," and the "dreadful routines." You're here to develop self-awareness, slay some monsters, take on new quests, and progress your character through skill progression.

What do you say, adventurer?


+Perception +Willpower +Strength
+Agility +Constitution +Charisma
+Luck +Intelligence + Wisdom


Accomplish Your Personal Quests:

Quicker, Stronger, and (a helluva lot) Funner 

With the guides and tools inside The Adventurer's Toolkit, you’ll:

  • Achieve a deeper state of self-awareness through breaking down your Character Stats
  • Gain precision clarity of the future you want to step into by building worlds & defining the end-game content
  • Uncover the internal and external monsters you must face to unlock your full potential
  • Determine how to plan & execute each and every day, slaying the dragons, & turning your vision into a reality
Everyday people can become the heroes of their storyline


Purchase The Adventurer's Toolkit

Obtain the Digital & Printable PDF immediately after checkout & join the online community platform

Use the tools in your everyday battles to level up in real life (IRL) as an adventurer!

Items Included:
(a.k.a. the Tools in Your Arsenal)

  • 57-page PDF, containing:
  • 9 quick start guides
  • 16 reusable tools across 9 toolkits
  • Colored, original illustrations that change your perception of reality
  • 18 pages of in-depth explanations, showing how personal growth & productivity tie into role-playing (RPG) mechanics
  • Exclusive access to a community platform to socialize with others!

Your download will include an 8.5x11 PDF file. (Please use a desktop to download the files!)


"I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT!!! So much thought, work, and creativity went into this!

I am seriously impressed! And such a gorgeous design! Your artist is amazing!"

Anna Reel (Wizard)

Personal Growth Coach for Geeks & Creatives (www.thereelanna.com)

“I am a huuuuuuuge goal planner person and I swear I have tried a bunch of different goal setting workbooks, I’ve tried Brendan Burchard’s, I’ve tried the Law of Attraction planner and I have landed on the Cultivate What Matter’s Goal Planner for big yearly goals

BUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! This one hits!!!!!"

Samantha A. (The Noble Mage)

IRL Spiritualist/Diviner & Former Massive Skyrim player

"I just bought the Adventurer's pack and love the content.

I'm in the process of becoming certified as a Life & Success coach and I can see younger clients eating up your content!"

Jesse B. (Mentor & Martial Scholar)

Husband, Father, Martial Artist, Life Long Learner, Stoic Practitioner, believer in self-improvement every day! Oh and total computer, gamer, rpg geek!! :-)


The character creator

+ Perception
+ Willpower
+ Wisdom

The world builder

+ Charisma
+ Perception
+ Luck

The Character sheet

+ Perception
+ Agility
+ Constitution

The daily quest tracker

+ Agility
+ Willpower
+ Perception

The experience points log

+ Wisdom
+ Perception
+ Even More Wisdom

the quest board

+ Charisma
+ Agility
+ Luck

the spell book

+ Intelligence
+ Wisdom
+ Perception

the skill progression system

+ Constitution
+ Strength
+ Willpower



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People are talking about how much they love it!
The Adventurer's Toolkit has helped hundreds of people gain more self-awareness
People are talking about how much they love it!
The Adventurer's Toolkit has helped hundreds of people gain more self-awareness
More than just tools

Need to Brush Up Or Want to Learn More About Role-Playing Game (RPG) Terminology?

No Problem!

An Appendix can be found at the end of the toolkit, providing a more in-depth tutorial on how to use each tool.

Join a growing community of adventurers who are changing the tides of their stories

With your Toolkit, you get exclusive access to the Stronghold, a community platform where you get to join thousands of other adventurers of LIFE'S AN RPG and level up together, where you can:

  • Share Your Progress: by participating in topics reflective of the tools that can be found in The Adventurers Toolkit!
  • Create Parties to Conquer Quests Together: by making your own private or public groups with like-minded individuals!
  • Socialize with Other Adventurers: by submitting posts or questions with other people to level up your Charisma!
  • Follow the Journeys of Others: by following other profiles to witness their stories unfold!


Share Your Story with a Community that Will Support You

Participate with Others in Creating Clarity in The Future They Want

Track Your Quests Publicly to Drive Accountability & Encourage Growth

While we may all come from different backgrounds and are at different stages of Life, one thing is certain...


Wellness Experts

Productivity Fanatics

Web Developers


Game Geeks


And More!

We're in this journey through personal growth together. 

And all we're missing is YOU. 

PS yes, we have plenty of photos of companions and familiars
(who doesn't love animal pictures!?)


Welcome to my

Hey, Adventurer! I'm Raven.

You might be wondering two things...

One: “What the hell does this kid know about winning at life?”

And two: “Are you kidding? who has time to read a bio this long?”

Well, the answer to both of those questions is…yes.

You see, when I was twenty-one years old, kickin’ ass in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I became complacent with everything else in my life. And when I saw my friends finish up college and move on to big things, the uncertainty of my future overcame me. Afraid of where I’d end up next, I disassembled my computer and sold all the parts, eventually finding my way in front of the “personal growth” section in Barnes & Noble in Silverdale, Washington. Desperate to find meaning in my life, I picked up books in every category of life I could think of: memorization, socialization, personal finances, you name it.

Over the next several years, my mentality completely transformed, and I learned to control my response to almost everything around me. Eventually, I moved back to Hawaii (where I was originally from) and got to do all sorts of things I never thought possible.

- Connected a community of people with a lifestyle brand
- Became an executive for a wealth management firm
- Launched a podcast
- Started my own business
- Got featured in national headlines

Finally, I felt like I had taken control of the story for once.

But here's the thing....


Business Insider
Fast Company
Best Life



As I wandered about life, I noticed something. In many of the people around me were self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and the anxiety of the competition out in the real world. Essentially, the feeling of inadequacy and other crap I was far too familiar with. So?

I wanted to change that. To spread the message of self-growth. To help provide people with a true sense of pride and accomplishment.

That was the intention at least, but then things took a complete 180.

When I was supposed to be writing, I got sidetracked and started playing games again. And that’s when I realized something…I forgot that self-growth wasn’t the only thing that taught me how to level up in life. Video games also did. Or, to be more specific…

Role-playing games (RPGs). 

Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Fallout, Dragon Age, Breath of Fire, you name it. They taught me the real meaning of enjoyment and endurance (Plus, if we’re talking about credentials here, let me just say that I beat The Witcher 3 without the Heads-Up Display).

Anyway, when I realized this, I threw away the idea to write a business self-help book and instead decided to start LIFE’S AN RPG.

My intention is now far greater. With self-growth, video games, and anime, I’ve learned to design my experience of life the way I wanted to.

Now, I just want you to be able to do the same thing.  So, whether you’re an intern, video gamer, anime watcher, confused quarter-life drama queen, lost puppy, or robot, here’s my call to action to you. Don’t just escape reality to become the hero. Pick up the controller of your life and bring the hero into reality. (Or don’t. What do I care) P.S. that was a lie. I care.

We can all be more than meets the eye

What About the Awesome Team Behind the Art?


LIFE'S AN RPG partnered up with Caravan, an art studio behind some of the world's most popular comic books, video game illustrations, and more!

Caravan has worked with companies like Marvel Comics, Wizard of the Coast, Hasbro, Mattel, DeNA, Gree, Capcom, Konami, Sony Online Entertainment, Riot Games, and HBO Asia.

Be sure to check them out!

Only possible thanks to amazing illustrators

Going so soon? It's Dangerous Out There.
Grab The Adventurer's Toolkit before it's too late!



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