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You hear that? It's a notification! A reminder that it’s none other adventure!

Let's be real though: Every day, people are distracted by "shiny objects" in their journey to accomplish quests. That's why you may need The Distraction Mitigation Triad Case: a Legendary iPhone case embedded with the OFFICIAL Life’s an RPG Inner Triad Emblem. An emblem symbolizing the deep roots of one’s history and the unrealized potential waiting to be unleashed.

With the item at hand, you can stay laser focused by:
1. Turning your notifications off and putting your phone on silent
2. Moving your phone far away from you, flipped upside down
3. Getting to work and slaying those monsters

Join the quest in equipping hundreds of thousands of people (including ourselves!!) with the tools AND new levels of mindset, so we can take control of our storylines. Once and for all. 
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Equip 10,000 adventurers with The Adventurer's Toolkit to take control of their storyline by June, 2021. You in?

Equip Yourself & Gain a Unique Item Ability:
This item grants the user with the casting buff:
"Mitigate All Distractions"

When your phone is flipped upside down, showing The Inner Triad emblem, you will be constantly reminded of your purpose, temporarily increasing your Willpower to push through any distractions.

Photo of a white iPhone with the Inner Triad emblem.


  • WILLPOWER: A symbol to reduce distraction.
  • CONSTITUTION: A reminder to never waiver.
  • PERCEPTION: An item to reshape reality.
  • CHARISMA: A great topic starter.
Photo of a black iPhone with the Inner Triad emblem.

PS Duration of Stats boosts may differ depending on the wearer



The Inner Triad emblem: representing the World Triad symbol, along with a sword, shield, and a pair of wings.


The World Triad, or concept of threeness, has had universal significance all over the world throughout history, becoming a phenomenon across several cultures.

Across these cultures, the number “three” has had many different meanings, such as:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Creation, Preservation, Destruction

In LIFE’S AN RPG, we’ve chosen this symbol as a foundation to represent the balance of unity in our own journeys - to represent the roles that we must all take as an adventurer - to play the tank, the damage-per-second (DPS), and the healer, at different stages of our lives.

Let the Shield represent the convictions we have of our character, such as the values we choose and the cause we decide, to protect and prepare us for the adventure ahead. To unleash the Tank within us.

Let the Sword represent the courage to accept our past and fight forward, no matter the adversity we face. To uncover the damager-per-second (DPS) within us.

And lastly, let the Wings represent the hidden power that lies within each of us - one that goes beyond our own imagination - that shows itself when we embrace the unknown, giving us the ability to fly past what we once thought was impossible. And above all, to show others what is possible. To awaken the Healers within us.

When you don the LIFE’S AN RPG emblem on your armor, you aren’t just donning a simple logo, you’re equipping yourself with a symbol of significance. A symbol of the adventure of personal growth and transformation within yourself: The Inner Triad.


(Behind the First Piece of Armor & the Emblem's Creation)

With 2,000+ Adventurers obtaining The Adventurer's Toolkit since the launch of Life's an RPG (LARPG) in November 2020, we knew that we were still missing one thing: a symbol representing LARPG.

Wanting more than just "a pretty logo," the founder of the Guild went on a quest to seek inspiration from Arcane Knowledge. And after consuming scrolls upon scrolls of deeply philosophical phenomena that represented one's growth and transformation, the initial concept was born!

BUT an idea is just an idea, and without channeling this concept into something real, we knew it'd just fade away. So, LARPG partied up with the Mages and Wizards of CARAVAN STUDIO once again, seeking help from their high-level creatives and artists.

It was during this quest together that transformed the ideas from the realms of our imagination into the realm of reality, traveling back and forth through revisions and unexpected new twists (like paying homage to the founder's favorite (and first) MMORPG, Guild Wars)

The result? The final version of the official LARPG Emblem was created! Deeply rooted in Arcane Knowledge, and shaped into what it is through the teamwork of multiple classes, the emblem is a symbol that represents the journey we must all take as adventurers, and the different stages of transformation we each enter through our lives.

With the emblem at hand, we sought out modern-day Armorsmiths who aligned with our values. And after learning about one particular Guild of high-level artisans - one who crafted premium & ethically sourced apparel, we knew we found the right manufacturer we wanted to work with:  BELLA + CANVAS, not just for their high-quality work, but more importantly, for their high-quality quest: to commit to do right to both the people and the planet, with eco-friendly and humane sustainability values. 

Ah, but in the end, this here IS still just the Origin Story.

The characters involved, the conflicts we've had to face to make it a reality, and the choices we've made to be transparent about it will, without a doubt, have its consequences. So, without further ado, let it be this day, on December 29, 2020, that the first-ever piece of armor with LARPG's official emblem was released. 


(Ahead the Release & The Adventurers Ever-Growing Connection)

"Hey! Uh...We don't know each other, but I couldn't help but notice your t-shirt! I knew I had to ask: What's your current Main Quest? Core Values? Favorite spell!?"

Picture that as a conversation starter from some stranger you’ve never met, AND picture having one of the longest, most fulfilling, conversations of back-and-forth dialogue with that stranger.

Sounds crazy, right?

Now, picture this: that stranger becoming a lifelong ally - one who you had continued to unlock experiences with, deepening one of the strongest bonds you've ever had in Life. An ally that could have simply just been another "stranger passing by," if it were any other circumstance.

That picture is just one of the many parts of the Future World we hope to build with the release of the official LARPG emblem (and the growth of our amazing Adventurers).

You see, while the online community platform had already helped connect many people during a time when exploring the lands had been dangerous, the LARPG emblem aims to be a connector once more, but for those who (unknowingly) cross paths in the outside world.

That's why, "three years from now, when people retell the stories of donning the LARPG emblem, they will recount how.:"

- it has helped them befriend new adventurers
- it created fun, spontaneous side-quests
- it mitigated the damage of inner demons
- it ultimately was "best damn piece of apparel I've ever obtained"

In the end, people from all over the world, from different backgrounds of life, and at different stages of life, will recount how they are are proud to show off their "armor" donning the LARPG emblem.

The only question will be this:

At what point did our stories intertwine in this quest, adventurer?

Join the Holy Cause to equip others with the tools to take control of their storylines, once and for all. 

Stephanie showing a photo of her Character Sheet filled out from The Adventurer's Toolkit.
Travis showing a photo of his World Builder tool filled out from the Adventurer's Toolkit.
Madison showing a photo of her Character Sheet filled out from The Adventurer's Toolkit
Bastian showing a photo of his Character Sheet filled out from The Adventurer's Toolkit
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Inner Triad - iPhone Case

Black / iPhone 11
Black / iPhone 11