A lifestyle brand that combines personal growth with role-playing game mechanics, with the Holy Cause to unlock the heroes within each of us.

Together, our Main Quest isn't just to challenge the status quo - it's to challenge reality itself, equipping others to take control of their storylines, once and for all.

You ready to embark on this quest of Life with us? 


A looping version of the Inner Triad emblem, glitching in and out to represent ourselves hacking reality itself.


The World Triad, or concept of threeness, has had universal significance all over the world throughout history, becoming a phenomenon across several cultures.

Across these cultures, the number “three” has had many different meanings, such as:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Creation, Preservation, Destruction

In LIFE’S AN RPG, we’ve chosen this symbol as a foundation to represent the balance of unity in our own journeys - the preparation for it, the adventure itself, and the new level of transformation we've achieved after.

The other three elements (the Shield, the Sword, and the Wings) symbolize a new level of threeness. Through the lens of manifesting the abstract fantasy into our own realities, they represent the roles that we must all take as an adventurer - to play the tank, the damage-per-second (DPS), and the healer roles, at different stages & situations of our lives. So...

Let the Shield represent the convictions we have of our character, such as the values we choose and the purpose we decide, to protect and prepare us for the adventure ahead. To awaken the Tank within us.

Let the Sword represent the courage to accept our past and fight forward, no matter the adversity we face. To uncover the damage-per-second (DPS) roles within us.

Lastly, let the Wings represent the hidden power that lies within each of us - one that goes beyond our own imagination - that shows itself when we embrace the unknown, giving us the ability to fly past what we once thought was impossible. And above all, to show others what is possible. To unleash the Healers within us.

When you don the LIFE’S AN RPG emblem on your armor, you aren’t just donning a simple logo, you’re equipping yourself with a symbol of significance. A symbol of the adventure of personal growth and transformation. And above everything...The Inner Triad within you.


"The values we stand by include..."

1. Be Swift
2. Play Big
3. Build Character
4. Slay Your Evils
5. Level Up to the Max

How others perceive the world

Silhouettes of everyday people in business suits
  • Has a scarcity mindset
  • Complies to social norms
  • Constantly searches for external motivation
  • Sees the world through the lens of "what's realistic"

How we'll alter our realities

Silhouettes of those same people who've transformed into RPG characters thanks to shaping their realiteis.
  • Has an abundance mindset
  • Makes decisions based on storylines we wanna create
  • Creates discipline through intrinsic character development
  • Sees the world through an adventure beyond imagination


The Date is November 1, 2023...

A collage of people showing their tools from The Adventurer's Toolkit filled out

"When people retell the stories of LIFE'S AN RPG, they will recount how..."

LIFE'S AN RPG was the catalyst that drove them to become the main protagonists of their journeys, taking control of their storylines once and for all.

In three years, we have helped shape the perception of over hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And when we say "we" we do not mean "the company." No. We mean the Adventurers - the community of our brand.

People don our emblems everywhere, finding other adventurers in the most unexpected places, becoming a conversation starter that end in forging deep and long-lasting bonds.

We've helped people defeat monsters of complacency and self-doubt. We've expanded the mission of personal growth across the globe, including completing quests that create social impact. And we've even partnered up with some of the biggest brands in the world.

People have taken leaps of faith, revisited lost interests, discovered new abilities. The community platform, The Stronghold, has grown to over 10,000 people, while those who don our emblems have grown to over 100,000 adventurers.

Many adventurers who've been with us for at least a year have already reached their Ideal Stats  they first wrote down.  


Hey, Protagonist! I'm Raven

You might be wondering two things...

Raven (the founder of Life's an RPG) and his RPG version of himself next to him

One: “What the hell does this kid know about winning at life?”

And two: “Are you kidding? who has time to read a bio this long?”

Well, the answer to both of those questions is…yes.

You see, when I was twenty-one years old, kickin’ ass in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I became complacent with everything else in my life. And when I saw my friends finish up college and move on to big things, the uncertainty of my future overcame me. Afraid of where I’d end up next, I disassembled my computer and sold all the parts, eventually finding my way in front of the “personal growth” section in Barnes & Noble in Silverdale, Washington. Desperate to find meaning in my life, I picked up books in every category of life I could think of: memorization, socialization, personal finances, you name it.

Over the next several years, my mentality completely transformed, and I learned to control my response to almost everything around me. Eventually, I moved back to Hawaii (where I was originally from) and got to do all sorts of things I never thought possible.

- Connected a community of people with a lifestyle brand.
- Became an executive for a wealth management firm
- Launched a podcast
- Started my own business

Finally, I felt like I had taken control of the story for once.

But here's the thing....


Business Insider
Fast Company
Best Life

(And my mom's daily conversations)



(And my mom's daily conversations)

As I wandered about life, I noticed something. In many of the people around me were self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and the anxiety of the competition out in the real world. Essentially, the feeling of inadequacy and other crap I was far too familiar with. So?

I wanted to change that. To spread the message of self-growth. To help provide people with a true sense of pride and accomplishment.

That was the intention at least, but then things took a complete 180.

When I was supposed to be writing, I got sidetracked and started playing games again.

And that’s when I realized something…I forgot that self-growth wasn’t the only thing that taught me how to level up in life. Video games also did. Or, to be more specific…

Role-playing games (RPGs). 

Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Fallout, Dragon Age, Breath of Fire, you name it. They taught me the real meaning of enjoyment and endurance (Plus, if we’re talking about credentials here, let me just say that I beat The Witcher 3 without the Heads-Up Display).

Anyway, when I realized this, I threw away the idea to write your typical self-help book and instead decided to start LIFE’S AN RPG.

My intention is now far greater. With self-growth, video games, and anime, I’ve learned to design my experience of life the way I want to.

Now, I just want you to be able to do the same thing.  So, whether you’re an intern, video gamer, anime watcher, confused quarter-life drama queen, lost puppy, or robot, here’s my call to action to you. Don’t just escape reality to become the hero. Pick up the controller of your life and bring the hero into reality. (Or don’t. What do I care) P.S. that was a lie. I care.

Hey, I'm Raven. I'm not an author or an entrepreneur. I'm a Paladin!


LIFE'S AN RPG partnered up with Caravan, an art studio behind some of the world's most popular comic books, video game illustrations, and more!

Caravan has worked with companies like Marvel Comics, Wizard of the Coast, Hasbro, Mattel, DeNA, Gree, Capcom, Konami, Sony Online Entertainment, Riot Games, and HBO Asia.

Be sure to check them out!

Caravan Studio is filled with magical artists
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